Career Services

HSTi Career Services Team will help you fulfill your career dreams

Our career success team is here to assist you achieve your career dreams. We’ll assist you in finding the right career path, beginning even before you graduate. We’ll provide support for your career path, from helping you create a standout resume that reflects your strengths to preparing you for the interview.
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HSTI A young woman in a pharmacy, contemplating her career path while holding a bottle of medicine.
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Resume Preparation & Job Interview

If you’re new to crafting a resume, it’s normal to feel anxious before an interview. Our advisors are here to help you create a resumé you can be proud of. Our team will help you prepare for your interview by having practice sessions with you in-person or on webcam. We can also go over the proper clothing to wear to the meeting, ensuring that your outfit is appropriate.

• Gather knowledge on yourself, your academic background, capabilities, job history, and volunteer undertakings.
• Discover the right way to structure an impressive résumé and cover letter.
• Examine your qualifications and how they could be of benefit to employers.
• Practice for an interview and be ready for commonly asked questions.
• Be aware of inquiries that are usually posed during the interview course.
• Prepare answers and reactions to questions and situations in the interview.
• Achieve success in the interview by having a proper preparation.

HSTI Two women discussing their career path while sitting at a desk.
HSTI Two business people shaking hands at a desk, discussing their career path.

Employment Assistance

The HSTi Career Service Team is here to help you take the next step in your career after graduation. Our dedicated professionals can provide you with job leads through our specialized job portal for HSTi graduates. Each week, we update the portal with new opportunities in your chosen field. We are committed to helping you start your career off on the right foot.


In select HSTi programs, you’ll have a dedicated Externship Team that works on your behalf. We’ll use our contacts with employers to locate opportunities for you to gain valuable on-the-job experience alongside healthcare professionals. These externships can give you an insight into the various tasks and duties you may have in your chosen profession. In some cases, HSTi externships can even provide a pathway to a position with the organization after you graduate.

HSTI A group of medical professionals walking down a hallway, reflecting their career path and dedication to their profession.
HSTI A doctor is signing a document, advancing in their career path with a patient.

Preparation for Certifications

Certification may not be required in your chosen profession, but having one could help you stand out. Earning certification may give you an edge over other job seekers in your field. Our programs provide course preparation to sit for certification/licensure exams, so that upon graduation you can be eligible to take them. Should you need extra assistance with any of the courses, one-on-one academic support is available.

Ongoing Career Support

Once you’ve graduated, HSTi Career Services will be there to help you reach your professional objectives. We’ll provide support as you pursue your desired career.

HSTI The woman sitting at her desk is wearing a headset, indicating she is engaged in a career path.
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